Blackjack strategy chart – a manual to yank a card of casino’s hands

Being a very old game, an interest to blackjack is still growing and growing. The popularity can be explained by an opportunity to reduce the risks to lose out to casino. Statistics shows the possibility to minimize gambling house’s advantage from 8% to 0.5%.

No wonder many strategies have been created by gamblers. And each blackjack strategy chart has a right to exist. Also appreciate not only card games, but also such as play pokies on line.

Blackjack strategy chart and winning percentage

Dealer’s advantage relies on the situation when the hand is opened and finish gathering of cards happens after all players’ decisions are made. Usage of basic strategy blackjack chart, coupled with card counting skills provides the gamblers with much higher chances to win.

blackjack chart

The first chart to be learned is odds of win, based on the showed up card.

Up card of a dealer% of dealer’s busting% of gambler’s advantage

Using blackjack basic strategy chart, it’s also important to understand what odds of busting, having this or that hand.

Hand% of bust
11 or less

Another blackjack strategy chart shows possible value of dealer’s final hand.

Final dealer’s hand%Total %
21 (3 cards or more)7.3612.19

Basic blackjack strategy chart and its essence

Blackjack can be treated as a game with “soft” rules, as there are very little other games of luck and chance, which has a chart alike basic blackjack strategy chart. Every gambler has a real opportunity to become a professional, just by learning, understanding and properly using of a strategy chart.

There are different tables, showing possible actions of the player in this or that situation. If to throw charts to the winds, the basic strategy can be explained by some main points.

  • Dealer’s first card is 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6. Such cards can cause the defeat, as according to the rules, the dealer must take the cards till there’s not less, than 17 in the hand. In this case, the possibility of busting is quite high. If to consider blackjack strategy chart, the player should stop on not less than 12, if the dealer has 2, 3 or 4. Dealer’s 5 or 6 and player’s 10 or 11 simply “obligates” the gambler to make “Double”.
  • Dealer’s first card is 7, 8, 9 or 10. The player is to try to have the hand with 10 points more than dealer’s first card.
  • Dealer’s first card is 7 or 8, e.g. Players, who have 12 or 13 against dealer’s hand, often are afraid of taking one more card because of the possibility to have a pipe out. But basic strategy keeps in mind to take one more card in such situation.

All possible actions in blackjack

  • Hit – to add another card.
  • Stay – don’t take any card more.
  • Double – to multiply the bet twice.
  • Split – allows divide into 2 and keeps blind going. According to blackjack strategy chart, split is usually used with 17, A+8, 10+10 in player’s hands.
  • Double/Stay – to double if allowed, else stand.
  • Hit/Split – to split if double after split, else hit.
  • Stay/Split – to split if double after split, else stand.
  • Split/Double – to split if double after split, else double.
  • Hit/Surrender – Surrender if allowed, else hit.
  • Stay/Surrender – Surrender if allowed, else stand.

Other strategies to win blackjack

blackjack game cards

There are some other strategies, which are used by players in blackjack. And in spite of basic blackjack strategy chart, being the most popular and efficient, others are also can be used. Some people (especially with a set towards mathematics) are fans of counting the cards. The main point is to try to remember what cards were already thrown away.

Unfortunately for such players, the casinos in increasing frequency use 2, 3 or even 4 decks of cards to cut players’ claws. But still these tactics can also be very useful if there’s one deck on the table.

Martingale system consists in double bets after a loss and minimal bets after win. Another strategy is a system of Parlay. The player is to add some percent to the basic bet after each win. The simplest strategy is flat betting. Its essence is in keeping the same bet during the whole game. Big prizes are not guaranteed, but long process welcomes the players.

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